First Time Streaming Setup

Welcome to BitRiver TV, a new open source live streaming platform built on OSP. The technology behind our site is completely open source and allows for anyone to create a live streaming platform similar to Twitch and YouTube. If you are interested in the code and project behind that effort please visit the development group at the links provided.

Links for Developers

If you are a streamer and simply wish to create and upload content away from the greater big tech monopoly then you are in the right place. Our website exists outside of major hosting providers and is an effort to further test this growing technology. To get started all you will need is an account, a channel, and streaming software just like you would use on YouTube, Twitch, Dlive, or any other major streaming service.

Creating an Account

Accounts can be created using any verifiable email address or via Discord Oauth. You can register by clicking on the Login button in the top menu, then clicking Register.

External Restreaming

Under your channel settings you will see options for restreaming. This allows you to send your broadcast to BitRiver TV which then will send it on to the destinations you input here. You can enter multiple destinations under the RTMP Restream Destinations - Max Bitrate (3500 Kbps) section. When you click the Add button you will see two options appear, Name and Restream URL. The name field can be anything, it simply is a label for which service you are creating. The Restream URL field requires a specific format which combines the RTMP server of the service as well as the stream key for the channel.


Name: Dlive

Restream URL: rtmp:// paste stream key


Name: Trovo

Restream URL: rtmp:// paste stream key