What is BitRiver.TV?

BitRiver.TV is a dynamic streaming platform that empowers content creators worldwide to broadcast their content live. We pride ourselves on supporting open-source solutions and integrate seamlessly with the Open Streaming Platform (OSP).

How do I start streaming on BitRiver.TV?

What settings should I use for optimal streaming?

Can I watch streams in real-time?

Yes, BitRiver.TV streams have a typical latency of 4-5 seconds, thanks to our HLS delivery method. For near real-time experiences, ensure the streamer has optimized their broadcast settings.

How do I find streams to watch?

Browse the BitRiver.TV homepage or use the search function to find live streams by category, popularity, or tags.

What should I do if I experience buffering or low-quality streams?

How does BitRiver.TV support open-source?

BitRiver.TV is built on the Open Streaming Platform (OSP). We contribute to OSP's development and encourage our community to engage with open-source projects. Find us on the official hub.openstreamingplatform.com. This website currently uses version 0.9.11 of OSP.

How can I support BitRiver.TV?

Support us by donating through our website or simply by streaming and engaging with other streams. Every bit of support helps us maintain and improve the platform.

How do I report issues or get help?

You can find a community of helpful users and staff on our official Discord channel.