In the neon-soaked digital sprawl of BitRiver, where the cybernetic pulse of tomorrow meets the undercurrents of the cyberstreets, all data runners are bound by the Code of the Net. This Code ensures the digital realm remains a bastion for free data flow and a sanctuary for all souls navigating the vast data streams of this cybernetic frontier.

  1. Prohibited Datastreams: Streaming illegal codes, explicit data feeds, or infringing on digital rights is forbidden. Violation leads to immediate jacking out.

  2. Netrunner Conduct: Maintain respect within the net. Disruptive behavior or digital harassment will not be tolerated in the matrix.

  3. Access Age Encryption: Age verification is required for access to age-restricted sectors. Protect minors from adult data nodes.

  4. Node Security: Secure your digital presence. Sharing access keys or node credentials breaches net security.

  5. Data Rights: Stream only what you have the rights to. Respect the digital creations of others to avoid system conflict.

  6. Privacy Protocols: The digital shadows are sacred. Do not reveal personal data without explicit consent.

  7. Adware and Spam: The cybernetic realm is not a place for spam or unsolicited ads. Violators will be traced and disconnected.

  8. Liability: You are accountable for your streams. Damage caused by malicious data will lead to sanctions.

  9. System Oversight: The Architects of the Net monitor the flow to ensure compliance. Violation of the Code may lead to suspension or digital exile.

  10. Protocol Evolution: The cyberworld evolves. Stay updated with the latest revisions to the Code to ensure uninterrupted access to BitRiver.

  11. Restreaming Tech: BitRiver offers the tech to multicast your streams across the digital ether, expanding your reach across the net. Note: This tech is in phase testing and is provided as-is.

  12. Data Integrity Reporting: Should you encounter rogue data or malicious nodes, report them to Our cybermoderators will initiate countermeasures to safeguard the net.

Abiding by the Code ensures the digital sprawl of BitRiver remains a realm of infinite possibilities. Disregard for the Code will result in being cut from the net. Navigate the digital tide wisely, netrunner.